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This six-foot-six teddy bear

will take any event to the next level. David Graham is a clean comedian who hits those hard-to-reach areas of the comedic nervous system. From family discipline to a spell-binding Temptaions review with David doing all four-parts harmony acapella, it is the very definition of a "show".

David Graham's T-shirt said it all: "Will tell jokes for food."
Graham, 49, is a Hazelwood resident who earns his living by making people laugh. He is a full-time comedian, who tours the country for about 30 weeks a year. He has opened for Chris Rock and Adam Sandler, both of whom sought Graham out because he works "clean" without any profanity.
Many of his concerts help raise money for different causes. He will perform Saturday, June 11, at Hazelwood West High to raise money for the Joplin tornado victims.

Graham talked about his career during a visit at his Hazelwood home.
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