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"The Latin Hurricane"

Gilbert Esquivel won his first awards in junior high school for Funniest kid in class and Biggest Flirt.

He says he applies these attributes in his comedy routine to this day. "I make the audience laugh, then I flirt with the person that hired me so I can get paid."

Ofcourse he'sj joking. But thats what Gilbert does. He jokes in a way that sometimes akes the audience blush but then they bust a gut.

Gilbert Esquivel used to cross the country with his parents working in the fields. Now he travels the country doing jokes in Comedy clubs, Churches, Prisons, Colleges, The Apollo Theater and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

It all started one night when he visited a comedy club in Los Angeles. A comedian tried picking on Gilbert who was seated in the front...bad move. After receiving a good ole' fashion ghetto spanking, the comedian backed off and Gilbert was invited on stage to tell a joke and stole the show. He was asked back the following week, Silly Gil Esquivel caught the comedy bug and the rest is history.

Gilbert Esquivel won his first comedy competition just one year into his stand-up career at the world famous Ice House in Pasadena, Ca. and has been seen on many television shows that include "Que locos" as well as being one of the first Latino Semi-finalists on BET's "comicview."

Gilbert Esquivel's comedy influences were, Freddy Prinze, Paul Rodriguez and Richard Pryor.

Gilbert Esquivel's goal is to someday use humor to help encourage, motivate and make changes in people's lives'.

Gilbert Esquivel Sample Videos
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