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Black Christian Comedian Willie Brown
You don’t know how funny Willie Brown & Woody are until you see them live. They’re not just your average comedian/ventriloquist team. Brown takes a different approach to the age old craft by making it fresh, new, & hip for today’s more savvy comedy audiences. It’s not just about seeing him not moving his lips, & hearing Woody speak. “It’s about the jokes”, says Brown. After watching this act for a few moments you forget that Willie is there and it seems as if Woody transcends into a standup comedian on his own. Willie does the set up and Woody gives the punch! Willie Brown is a nationally known ventriloquist who has appeared several times on BET Comic View, HBO DEF Comedy Jam, Loco Comedy Jam, Phaturdays, The Jenny Jones Show, & most recently in a recurring role on the Showtime Network series “Barbershop”. From topics such as family, church, how to deal with the homeless, to current events, Willie Brown & Woody bring it.

"Please accept my sincere appreciation for the empowering truths that Willie shared with us during our Community Family Night Comedy Hour. His Godly humor not only made us laugh, but it motivated the youth and encouraged the adults of our church as well. We are delighted to have Willie as our guest. Best wishes to him in every area of his ministry." 

- Reverend, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

"I just wanted to say how much Willie's ministry has been a blessing to our church. Many of our members have stayed in touch with his ministry through [social media]. They have been uplifted in so many areas of their lives, and we thank God that He is using Willie in the ministry of comedy. There is a strong cry for him to come back and minister for us."  

- Pastor, New Beginning Ministry

"We laughed until we cried and our cheekbones locked." - Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church

Willie & Woody Sample Video
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