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Barney Fife impersonator
Barney Fife impersonator

“Roaming Barney Fife”

Sometimes your event needs a little extra security!

Having Rik appear as Barney Fife is one way to make sure your group has a truly unique experience. There are a variety of ways to utilize “America’s Favorite Deputy”. You can have the deputy:

  • “Arrest” individuals at the event with inside info you provide

  • Check nametags at the door

  • Mingle during social hour

  • Pose for pictures

  • Help hand out door prizes

  • Energize an auction and encourage bidders

  • Announce “safety award winners”

  • Patrol fairs, festivals and trade show halls

Basically, if you can think of a place to use the deputy Rik will make it happen!

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